The People’s Voice Photo Gallery

During our time in publication, we took a LOT of photos.  We also had many photos given to us by various individuals who were featured in the newspaper.   This is just a “tip of the iceberg” of the photographic resources made available to us. PICTURES CAME FROM EVERYWHERE! EVERY DIRECTION. Often, we were OVERWHELMED with pictures.

The majority of these photos appeared at some time, or were taken for the purpose of adding to and enhancing the presentation of the News we presented weekly. Many of these photos were contributed by Mr. Gene A. Thornton, who routinely went about, attending events, and shooting video footage, OR taking still shots, of the various events, and/or those in attendance. Thanks Gene for your hard work and dedication to The People’s Voice.

We are grateful to Mr. Gene A. Thornton, his brother L.C. Thornton — as well as numerous others– for their hard work in helping us to collect such tremendous pieces of history much of it chronicled in The People’s Voice. In addition, we are also grateful to all of our news correspondents, for contributing articles as well as photographic skills… FAR TOO MANY TO NAME: But, some we remember fondly include: Mrs. Sara Almond of Franklin, Georgia, Ms. Brenda Poole of Franklin, Georgia, Mrs. Mary Turner of Five Points, Alabama, Mr. Tony D. Malone of Lanett, Alabama; and SOOOOOO many others.