Print Design

“Impressions In Print”

My skills in print design span many many years, dating back to my early teens when my mother and I constantly struggled to help my father fulfill his printing needs for the funeral home business we operated as a family.

Over a period of 40 years (more or less), I honed my skills and today, the rest is history.  I grew from the days of stencils and stylises, to the high-tech digital capabilities of today.

Today, using the highest quality equipment and most sophisticated production software, I produce all publication products for that company, as well as taking in jobs on a small scale for local churches, and others.   I make decisions as to which ones can be outsourced, and which ones can be done in-house.

For the most part, I work primarily out of my home… which I love.

My charges vary with the size requirements of the job.

Some samples of recent projects appear below.  However, these are just a “tip of the iceberg” of what is possible.   I have produced some very sophisticated pieces in a very short time, that served their purpose — to make an impression in print.